John Hanson is the new city maintenance foreman for the city of Fountain.
John Hanson is the new city maintenance foreman for the city of Fountain.
The city of Fountain is pleased to welcome John Hanson to its staff as its new city maintenance foreman.

The Fountain native is a 2005 Fillmore Central High School graduate who's proud to be the man on call for city repairs.

"I've always lived here," he said. "I used to work at Herman's Service doing mechanical work. I actually started there when I was 15, and I was working there part-time through high school."

Now that he's grown and has a family - his wife, Tiffany, and their new son - he decided to apply for the city position following Dan Byer's resignation.

"It was something different," Hanson said about his decision to apply for the job. "I'm learning some stuff I didn't know, but there's also quite a lot I did."

He added that the skills he learned as a mechanic are very useful in his new job.

He's become the town "fixit" man - doing everything from plowing and mowing to hanging Fountain's Christmas lights.

"I'll do whatever has to be done and what's in my description...I'll do it all," Hanson said.

He has the city council and Mayor Richard Kujath on which to rely if he needs answers to any questions about making repairs to anything above or below ground.

Hanson doesn't mind being on call for emergencies because, he said, "Every now and then, I was on call for wrecker duty at Herman's. I try to be hard-working, outgoing and communicate with others as much as I can."

When Hanson isn't at work, he likes spending his time in the garage, doing something that "usually entails more work," such as tinkering and conquering mechanical problems.

He concluded, "I like demo cars and I try to do a little fishing, play with our kid."