Patrick Danz appeared before the Lanesboro City Council on Monday evening, Aug. 4, to request a sound variance and temporary sale permit for an event he is planning on Oct. 10 to Oct. 13 from about 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Using Smoky River BBQ, he is planning a family-friendly event at the ball fields. There would be a semi trailer stage for bands performing for the residents. During the day there would also be artists such as a metalworker and chainsaw artist, doing live artwork.
Winona Brewing Company has expressed interest in putting up a beer tent there, which would require the temporary permit. However, because the event would be family-friendly, Danz assured the council there would be security checking IDs and only selling drinks to those wearing green bracelets.
In addition, Danz has already approached the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office about that weekend and they would be adding extra patrols for the weekend.
Since the music would be going late into the night, Danz requested a sound variance for that weekend. He has already talked to all but one of the neighbors to gain permission for the event.
The council approved his request with the provision that everything meet the requirements and he gain the consent of the final resident.
Commonweal request
The council also heard a request from Adrianne Sweeney from the Commonweal Theatre to erect a sandwich board in the area of the ice cream shop.
"We got a great surprise for our production of 'Around the World in 80 Days.' We found it has been hugely popular with kids of all ages. We are looking for the opportunity to promote the performance in areas where kids congregate," Sweeney stated.
She has already filled out the form for the sandwich board that would abut the fence on Saturday and Sunday mornings until school begins. The council approved her request.
Lanesboro Arts Campus
Courtney Bergey was present to update the council on the progress of the Arts Campus. The Lanesboro Arts Center has been working with the chamber and the historical society regarding the signs. They are looking at the installation of the signs at the beginning of September.
As a thank you to the community for its participation, the Lanesboro Arts Center is planning a community gathering on Sept. 13 from 2 to 5 p.m. I
In conjunction with this event, Bergey requested a section of six to eight spaces cordoned off in the Bass Pond Parking Lot for bands to play, which the council approved.
2015 budget overview
Todd presented a preliminary 2015 budget overview to the council for it to consider. Councilmember Tom Smith commented on sitting down with the department heads within the city to classify expenses between wants and needs.
"The taxes and utilities are high and its what people ask about before they move here. I would like to see what does not actually need to be in the budget and cut the expenses," he said.
Todd explained that he decreased what he thought was prudent in the budget, but they were individual categories, not across the board.
Councilmember Tom Dybing noted that in his department, if they have money left over, they do not spend it. Todd related this to a few years ago when Andy Drake did the same thing for street repairs, placing the excess in reserve.
Unfortunately, the reserve is lower than the city would hope and Todd noted this would due to a large increase in the budget recently.
"We wanted to keep the tax and utilities low for years, but we had no choice but to raise them last year, raising the budget 15 percent," he related.
He did suggest doing a large project one year and a small project the next year, alternating years to knock out all the repairs. In the off year, only patchwork could be done, while Drake would identify six to eight streets that need to be done the next year.