Notice is Hereby Given that the Preston City Council will meet at the Preston City Hall, 210 Fillmore Street West, Preston, MN on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. to conduct a public hearing regarding the proposed annexation of property in Fountain Township.

The property proposed to be annexed is 9.51 acres plus associated highway rights-of-way located in the Northeast corner of the intersection of MN Hwy 16 and US Hwy 52 on the north side of Preston. The properties are the Preston Dairy & Farm site and the Gehling Auction site. Legal descriptions and a map showing the approximate boundaries of the property to be annexed are available at Preston City Hall.

Any person wishing to express an opinion of the matters to be considered at the public hearing can be heard orally in person on March 31, 2014, or in writing by mailing comments to Joe Hoffman, City of Preston, PO Box 657 Preston, MN 55965.