Karen and Terry Huckstad of Chatfield are spending their retirement as active volunteers in their community.
Karen and Terry Huckstad of Chatfield are spending their retirement as active volunteers in their community.
They are Huckstadts.

Hear them roar "Chatfield."

"We like Chatfield," said retiree and Chatfield Lions Club's immediate past president, Karen Huckstadt, adding that she's been a Lions member for at least the past six years and has enjoyed the numerous projects she and her husband, Terry, have been involved in.

The couple, former owners of Huckstadt Meats - now R-Four Meats, is very active in the community, between serving as part of the Lions, at their church and also at the Chosen Valley Care Center, where Karen assists with crafts sessions.

Karen listed the Lions activities they have participated in or led in the past year, beginning with dinner. "There's a lot of things we do with the Lions Club - we just finished the Camp Winnebago Friendship Wagon Train dinner, we put on two dinners - one for the senior citizens at Christmas and one for the academic banquet for the school kids at the end of May, we're in charge of the hog raffle for Western Days, there's the rose sale and the calendar sale, the peace poster contest, the Lions award scholarships every year, there's the two-mile highway cleanup, buying new glasses for someone who needs them and Chill Fest in January."

Karen joined the club following her husband's recovery from an accident in which he was hit by a car.

"Terry has been in the Lions for about 20 years, and I've been in since his accident. It was either he quit, or I joined so that he could stay in. They voted me in instead of him quitting, and it's a nice group of people to work with. I was president for the past year...I was supposed to be president for only a year, but then someone else who was supposed to be president was in an accident, so I took her year and she's taking my next year."

She continued, "There's a new project I haven't started yet, but I think we need a fundraiser for a new swimming pool here in Chatfield. It might take someone younger to help get it started, but it's on my bucket list of things to do."

The Huckstadts are members of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Chatfield and "the big thing Terry does is sell raffle tickets for the St. Mary's raffle for Western Days."

Though she's not a regular member of the Chatfield Brass Band anymore, she still joins the band for summer parade performances during Rochesterfest and Western Days, and is also a non-active member of the Saint Marys Hospital Auxiliary in Rochester.

"I enjoy the Chatfield Brass Band, and even though I'm not active, I like to play when they need a drummer. I also sub at the school, just for fun."

Retirement has kept the Huckstadts more than busy - now that their grandson has graduated from high school in Minnetonka, they won't be traveling to see his football games, so they noted, "We'll have to find somewhere else to go or something else to do."

Karen spends her time at home looking for the next good book. "One of the reasons I keep busy is I'm not a sitter. I think that's the way God made me...I like to read, do needlework, make cards - I'm a crafter - and go out to the assisted living almost every day to see my sister. I like to go to ball games because I love baseball, and I follow the Twins' score even though I don't like watching the games, and we go to Legion ball games because we like to keep track of how they're playing."

Terry's "big thing is golf in the summer, and euchre in the winter...he's part of the 'Euchre Boys'."

They anticipate spending the rest of their years in Chatfield, doing for the community whatever they can - Karen still has her Lion eyes on the local swimming pool, citing that she just might tackle that update, and Terry will continue to be known as the man with the raffle tickets - people to go to when Chatfield needs to hear a good community service roar.