Virgil Skarrud
Virgil Skarrud
Virgil Skarrud is the "to go" guy.

"I give people rides," said the resident of Lakewood Apartments in Chatfield. "When someone wants to go somewhere, they call me, or they sometimes knock on my door, or they catch me down in the lobby or wherever. We run out to the store, wherever they want to stop just inside town here to get what they need, because they live here and the stores are down there, so this is one way for them to get there and back."

Skarrud moved to the Lakewood building in 1999, and has been chauffeuring his carless neighbors to the library, the grocery store, the pharmacy, anywhere they need to go.

"Monday through Friday, we go to Senior Dining," noted Skarrud, who added that there's an occasional Saturday morning run. "Once in a while, a Saturday trip happens."

Wintertime he often parks his car in the Lakewood lot because he doesn't like venturing out into slippery streets, but he gladly gets in and goes if the weather's good.

He enjoys taking his neighbors where they'd like to go because he gets to "see a few things, talk to a few people."

"It works out pretty nice," he stated. "I like to ride around town, see what's going on."

His neighbors and others outside the Lakewood Apartments whom he picks up appreciate his contribution, and they recognize his neighborliness and generosity in various ways, but he's rather modest about his volunteerism and simply likes that he can help out anyone who needs a hand.

When he's not driving Miss Daisy or moving Myrna and her groceries from point A to point B, he keeps busy at home, chatting with the people who come to visit or entertaining himself in his apartment.

"I have a few cowboy westerns to watch on TV that I like, or I loaf around. There's always something to do."