Bea Doely, 92, of Spring Grove, attends sporting events, drives friends around and stays active and involved in her community.
Bea Doely, 92, of Spring Grove, attends sporting events, drives friends around and stays active and involved in her community. JORDAN GERARD/BLUFF COUNTRY NEWSPAPER GROUP

Though she has lived for 92 years, that number hasn't stopped a Spring Grove woman from taking advantage of life's opportunities.

Beatrice (Bea) Doely achieved a perfect attendance record for her great-grandchildren's sporting events, home and away.

She has watched three of her great-grandsons, Brandon, Brady and Brock Schuttemeier, play football, basketball and baseball throughout each of their high school careers, with the youngest brother, Brock, graduating just this year.

"I am a really good sports fan," she said. "My husband died eight years ago and I started going to games immediately. I have enjoyed every minute of it."

Her attendance at games has earned her the title of "Grandma Bea" from her great-grandsons’ teammates and the teams have sent her birthday cards every year.

She speaks highly of Brandon, who helps his great-grandma with many chores that need doing.

"He's here as soon as he gets off work," Doely said. "He has the kindest heart of anyone I know. He has different jobs that he does automatically. I am lucky to have him."

Brady and Brock also help their great-grandma, though there was one time all three boys were tasked with taking down a branch hanging from a tree in the yard, but they hadn't completed the task, so Doely decided to do it herself.

"It needed to get done. The branch was in the way when I mowed lawn," she said. "So I took a step ladder, got to the first limb and swung my leg over that. I sawed the branch with my left hand.

"It took forever, but I was stubborn enough and got it done. The minute I stepped onto the ground, my neighbor was there and said he watched me the whole time."

He told her to never do that again and to call him for help with hefty jobs like that.

"I have nice neighbors and that's a comfort," Doely said.

Another neighbor from up the street offered to shovel her driveway in the winter, with no payment accepted, no matter which way she tried to give it to him.

When he is unavailable to shovel her driveway, he charged his brother with the same task. He also called him to make sure the shoveling was getting done.

Doely said staying active is her secret to good health and ability.

"I've always worked hard," she said. "I still clean the library and telephone office basement."

Her doctor once asked how much coffee she drank and she said eight cups. He replied she must be immune to any negative effects of coffee by now.

Doely also drives other ladies to where they need to go if they have sold their cars or cannot drive anymore. She will take them to doctor's appointments, the grocery store and hair appointments in town, Caledonia, Decorah and around the area.

"It's often the blind leading the blind," she said. "I am just as old as them, but I am in better health."

Doely also has her doll hobby to keep her attention. She estimates she has over 1,000 dolls collected from over the years.

"My family knows I like dolls. I get them as birthday and Christmas presents," she said. "My card club enjoys them when they come over."

Doely's tips for people to be more active once they're over 50 years of age is to stay involved and push themselves.

"There's no 'do it tomorrow,' just go ahead and do it," she said. "Help others whenever you can, because they would do the same for you. Live your life the way you want others to treat you."

Doely was married to Carlan Doely and had two children, Barbara and John. She has three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, six boys and one girl.