Brianna Hindt next to the FFA logo.
Kingsland junior Brianna Hindt joined FFA in seventh grade not only because she thought it would be a good ag experience, but also because she wanted to be with her friends.

“It keeps me busy, and I get to see my friends all the time,” said Hindt.

Hindt is a member of the nursery and landscape career development event (CDE), as well as part of the chapter’s urban agriculture delegation which takes the country to the city to teach youngsters that everything upon which they rely to live comfortably comes, in some manner, from the country. She has assisted her parents with their cattle as part of her supervised agriculture experience (SAE).

“Through FFA, I have learned a lot of things about agriculture,” she said. “Last semester, I did my SAE on chores on my farm. I already help on my farm, so it was just easier, but it helped me with record-keeping…I work at the nursing home and help on my farm.”

Additionally, she’s gotten to tour the John Deere tractor factory in Illinois, attend various FFA camps and explore the opportunities the organization affords students. Given the chance to do it over again – her entire FFA career to date – she’d take it.

“I went to Greenhand Camp, and that was a lot of fun, and learning nursery again would be fun,” she said.

Hindt has gained communication skills through her interaction with other FFA members and learned through her participation in FFA that she’ll likely do well as an aspiring social worker because being a member of the organization means that she must work with people she doesn’t know.

“I would like to be a social worker because I would like to help people and work with them,” she said. “FFA helps me problem-solve and communicate more. I used to not be able to communicate with people well, but being in FFA helped me.”

Having FFA on a resume shows good leadership and an individual is good with groups of people, she noted. She added that she has been looking at college in Mankato and Winona, and she can take a variety of classes from being in FFA. Although she probably won’t stay in FFA because she wants to focus on her career, she notes that it is a lot of fun and she definitely recommends joining.

“FFA is not just about being a farmer,” said Hindt. “It’s about being with friends, problem-solving and communication.”