Play some B-I-N-G-O with Sass.

Civil Sass, that is.

“The opportunity arose for Civil Sass Hops to partner with the Fish and Game Club and the high school trap shooting team for bingo, and we were very excited, as a veteran-owned company, real excited about working with a local youth group,” said Abby Sass, co-proprietor of Civil Sass Hops. “We support educating young people on different outdoor activities and the personal responsibility that comes with that activity.”

Abby and her husband, Jake, have a newly-established hops company and are partnering with the Chatfield Fish and Game Club and the Chatfield High School trap team to work at the Chatfield Western Days bingo tent. They will be calling out numbers and letters and waiting for a blackout win.

The Sasses are busy this summer watching their hops plants climb the giant trellis they built on a plot just off Highway 74, east of Chatfield, but not too busy to take time off to lend a hand where one is needed.

Chatfield trap team coach Mike Lisowski explained, “Typically the Fish and Game Club raise funds for a lot of programs and give back to the community, but they were having trouble getting enough people to run the bingo. This year, for the trap team, all the proceeds the participants receive go toward the trap team expenses, like ammunition and targets. Those who work will have reduced fees.”

The Chatfield High School trap team is in its third year of taking aim at teaching students in grades seven through 12 how to properly handle a firearm.

Lisowski noted students may be allowed to join the team only after they’ve completed their state firearms safety certification, meaning there can be some 12-year-olds who are just finishing sixth grade who choose to be part of the team.

“The younger they start, the better,” he said. “Four years ago, we had a clinic for youth trap orientation, and then we started the team. Our team has always been just under 30 participants, in the upper 20s. Right now, in the 2016-2017 school year, it’s $160 per person to break even. The cost to us is for ammunition, targets and participation in the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). What we’re trying to do is recognize that this is an expensive sport. In addition to this, we’ve got other fundraising — we cleaned the hiking trail for the Bluff Country Hiking Club (BCHC), and that will be put toward the entry fee. One thing we don’t want to see is someone not participate because he or she can’t afford it.”

Lisowski acknowledged that the trap team’s coaches made a decision not to sell items such as candy bars or fruit because they felt Chatfield’s residents have already contributed in that manner through the school district’s other organizations, so inviting the public to join the game and meet the team’s members as they oversee bingo cards made the most sense.

Kansas transplant Abby Sass remarked that she’s thrilled to attend Western Days for the first time and to work with the trap team at the bingo tent – which will not be just a timber frame with tarps over it this year, as the Fish and Game Club is renting a proper tent to keep everyone dry in case of rain.

“I’m working wherever I’m assigned,” Abby said. “This will be my first Western Days, and I’m excited to work with such hardworking young people.”

While she was not on a trap team at her high school, she stated that she can hit a mark if she tries. “My brother taught me how to shoot, but I did not sign up for the trap team. From what I’ve heard, it’s a very fast-growing sport across the state,” she commented. “Jake and I are really excited that we can help young people and that we can be part of a lively community event and the partnerships that the community offers. Jake and I being involved with the community…it’s extremely important to us. This is Jake’s hometown, and he’s really excited to be involved with the trap team.”

The Chatfield Fish and Game Club’s annual bingo games are slated for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in City Park – Friday, Aug. 11, from 6 to 10 p.m., and Saturday, Aug. 12, and Sunday, Aug. 13, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.