Ahoy there, mateys!  Thar be treasure about this German town, and it’s yer job to find it!

The Wykoff Fall Fest treasure hunt is back and the prize for finding the hidden treasure is $100 in Wykoff money, said organizer Mary Sackett, which should entice landlocked treasure hunters to get out on the high seas…er, sidewalks and get a gander at the clues that will lead them to the item that promises the finder that shiny $100.

She encouraged hunters to get a good start on their search -- long before the Brave Community Theatre performance of “Pirates of Penzance” takes the stage in Wykoff on Saturday, Sept. 23, so that they can arrive at the theater or other Fall Fest activities with the booty in hand. 

“This year, I have hidden the treasure kind of in a hard place.  People are going to have to hunt for it.  They will be able to reach it — it will not be over six feet from the ground, so they don’t have to climb obstacles to get it.  It’s in a very safe place, but they just have to find the spot,” said Sackett.  “I try to put it in different parts of town each year.  It’s always on public property, not on people’s private land, so it will never be in someone’s yard where people could be trespassing.  It will absolutely not be hidden within the veterans’ memorial.” 

She added that the winner will know it’s the right treasure when they find it because she changes it every year.

Clues will be posted outside the Bank Gift Haus and on the Wykoff information sign by the Gateway, starting at 9 a.m. Saturday.  Every hour, she will tape a new clue up until 4 p.m. when she hopes it will be found. As time goes on, the clues get more specific.  

Sackett enjoys watching intrepid treasure seekers braving chilly September sun and rain, devotedly following the clues like a long-lost map found in a bottle on the beach. 

“It’s fun.  I see families out with their kids, and the kids kind of team up.  They come in here and beg me to give them extra clues, trying to trick me into saying something,” she said.  “The ones that find it are true treasure hunters — they can tell from my little rhyme what word is the clue, and they are out, rain or shine.  People are always lined up at my door, asking me if it’s time for a new clue.  It’s always a fun time.”