Three candidates are seeking the position of mayor in Spring Grove. Incumbent Saundy Solum faces challengers Heather Gray and Bruce Poole. They all responded to the questionnaire from the Spring Grove Herald. Below are their responses listed in alphabetical order. Each response was limited to 150 words.

Bruce Poole, age 67 - Owner and Operator of Village House Motel in Spring Grove

1.) Please tell us about yourself and why you are running for office?

I have a degree in engineering from the University of Texas and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Management from Tusculum College in Tennessee. For over 30 years, I worked in the electrical power industry. The last six years were spent in Washington, D.C. working for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. My wife Judy and I moved to Spring Grove in 2006 and purchased the Village House Motel.

Judy's daughter Tricia Betcher lives here in Spring Grove. She and Joel have three sons Kohl, Karson and Kolin and they are the joy of my life.

I am running for mayor to bring some common sense to the city council.

2.) The Main Street project has seen its share of controversy. Do you agree with the current council's proposal of improvements? Tell readers why or why not and what changes you would make.

On the Main Street project, I do not agree with the current council's proposal of improvements. I do not want the width of the street changed, I do not want wider sidewalks, and I do not want any bump-outs, large flower pots, or a high-priced irrigation system.

3.) How do you feel the city has done the last year on transparency, and is there any room for improvement?

I feel there is a lot of room for improvement on transparency by the city. There have been way too many closed meetings of the city council. I do not agree with having meetings at City Hall on Sunday night at 6 p.m.

4.) Do you feel that the city needs to look at reducing its current budget, and if so, what areas would you look at cutting?

I would reduce each item of the budget by 15%. Any increase over that would require a major need to be supplied.

5.) Tell us why you feel you are the best candidate.

For the citizens in town that agree with me, then they need to vote for me.

6.) If elected, what are the top three issues you want to see addressed in the next four years?

My top three issues would be as follows: Be responsive to the citizens; Eliminate unnecessary spending; Streamline City Hall.