I watched with great interest the Houston County Board meeting of March 11 (frac sand issue without public comment). Commissioner Storlie, you are absolutely correct, bullying should not be tolerated. But, it appears to me that you and Commissioner Walter are the pots calling the kettle black!

If anyone on the County Board was bullied, at least on video, it is Zmyewski. Commissioners Walter and Storlie both cut off and interrupted Zmyewski numerous times. Bullying should not be tolerated! Both Walter and Storlie's "need and passion" to be on the Frac Sand Committee seem irresponsible as all current frac mine applications are in Zmyewski's district and he has spent the most time of any commissioner attending meetings and is the most informed person to be on this committee.

Commissioner Walter, did you talk to Jack Miller or did you misinform the public on this issue? You never answered the question put to you.

I love having county board meetings on video and body language and eye rolling are also forms of bullying and disrespect.


Gretchen Cook

La Crescent