Elected officials are entrusted with the responsibility of representing the people of their district and being a spokesperson for the community. Unfortunately, this necessity is often forgotten in today's political arena. Oftentimes those seeking office promise to bring change to St. Paul, but once in office, their actions end up being more of the same. Bills fail to pass with bipartisan support and politics as usual hinders necessary legislation from being made into law.

Jeremy Miller, a candidate seeking the Republican endorsement, has a fresh face with a new attitude. I urge those who caucus on Feb. 2 to elect delegates who support Jeremy.

Over the past few months, I've observed Jeremy in conversation with concerned Minnesotans, and it's clear that he has a desire to work with the families and businesses of southeastern Minnesota to help build a better future. Jeremy takes a common sense approach to politics, particularly when it comes to excessive government spending.

Jeremy is a believer that legislators in St. Paul must shift from an expensive, wasteful system to smarter spending. Average Americans who achieve financial stability do so by being smarter and more productive. Jeremy believes that the same principle should apply to government. As a legislator, he will set priorities and increase spending in key areas, while reducing it in non-essential areas.

Jeremy often says that families of southeastern Minnesota have to control spending in their homes, and government should have to do the same. He believes that government spending comes down to kitchen table budgeting. He will bring fiscal responsibility back to Minnesota.

People want someone they can trust and hold responsible for making decisions. Through involvement in the community, Jeremy demonstrates a strong work ethic and enacts the values of hard work, respect, and honesty.

Jeremy is a fresh face with a new attitude. He has the energy and determination to lead Minnesota in the right direction. I urge people who caucus on Feb. 2 to elect delegates who support Jeremy Miller. Together you can work with Jeremy to build a better future for Minnesota.

To learn more about Jeremy Miller, visit www.friendsformiller.com.

Angela McGowan