The Spring Grove Economic Development Authority lacked the attendance necessary to vote on issues on Tuesday, July 23. Without a quorum to tackle the business at hand, the three members present scheduled a special meeting for Monday, July 29, at 7 p.m.

Three residents appeared at the meeting. Mary Zaffke asked board members to support the Bluff Country Brew Fest, which Bluff Country Artist's Gallery is sponsoring Aug. 3. When asked how much the organization is seeking, Zaffke said that $300 would go quite a ways toward paying for advertising and entertainment.

Sarah Schroeder of the Spring Grove Commercial Club asked the board to consider a donation toward Music in the Park. If SGCC can raise the funds necessary for entertainment costs, that concert series will be extended through the month of August, she added.

"We're going to have to have a discussion about making donations to all of these community things," board member Robert Vogel noted.

Graphics designer Robin Bartell sought input from the board on the ongoing "Up and Running" and "Detour Dollars" advertising campaign, which she has been assigned to coordinate. The grand prize drawing will be held Saturday, Oct. 5, whether Main Street is open or not by that weekend. Members reminded her that spending for the ad package has already been approved, and asked that she submit specific questions on how to proceed via email if she cannot attend the special meeting.