The Spring Grove City Council gave a big thumbs up last week to a proposal from their Parks Commission.

Members met in emergency session on Wednesday, May 28 to approve the plan so that volunteers could begin rehabilitating the city-owned football field immediately. Work includes removal of 4-6" of grass and poor soils from the middle third of the field (from end zone to end zone).

New soils will be brought in and graded at a slightly-lesser peak than now exists. New sod will then be added, along with additional seeding in smaller edge areas that are too thin. The new sod will be fenced off, watered, and fertilized after it becomes established. New sprinkler heads will also go in.

According to the proposal, the majority of the cost of the project will be donated. A few of those businesses include Sodko Turf ($3000 worth of sod), machinery and labor from Terry Sagdalen, trucking and other help from JC Nerstad & Todd Olerud, and seed and fertilizer from Farmer's Co-op. Football players have also volunteered to help as have other community members such as Eric Ostern.

The Parks Commission estimated the total cost of the project at $10,645. Of that, the city was asked to contribute $2000. Those funds will come from the Roverud Park budget.

Parks commissioners also included this explanation in the proposal: "The grass in the center of the football field does not grow well resulting in poor field conditions in the center of the field during the football season. The field has been reseeded, aerated, and fertilized multiple times with no significant improvement to the field condition. The lack of grass results in a hard field, which increases the chance of injury during games and practice. According to Spring Grove head football coach Zach Hauser, the SG field is one of the hardest fields in the Southeast Conference.

"In addition, the field has a peak in the center of the field in order to increase drainage. This peak is larger and more noticeable than necessary, resulting in a playing field that is not as level as it should be.