A weekend explosion in Freeburg, Minn., sent a 50-year-old man to a La Crosse hospital on Oct. 20.

The incident is thought to have originated with an active meth lab.

A copy of a search warrant executed at 5552 County Rd. 249 was obtained by the Caledonia Argus. The document noted that chemicals found in a vehicle driven by Mark Link as he sought treatment appeared suspicious. That vehicle was left at the home of a relative, who immediately drove him to the emergency room upon seeing Link's injuries.

The car reputedly contained a Coleman fuel jug, muriatic acid, two boxes of pseudoephedrine, a box of instant cold packs and a red funnel.

The residence was said to contain an Internet recipe for making meth, fire extinguisher dust, lithium strips, white powder in foil, and $1,730 in cash, according to the report in the Argus.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office responded to the call at 3:38 p.m., assisted by the Caledonia Ambulance and Fire Department. Further assistance was eventually rendered by the Winona County Sheriff's Office and the Southeast Minnesota Gang and Narcotic Task Force.

Link was later transferred to a burn center for additional treatment.

The Houston County Sheriff's Department has declined to release any further information until investigations are complete.