A new husband and wife team has joined the board of directors at Spring Grove's Giants of the Earth Heritage Center.

Gordon and Brit Eddy aren't the first husband and wife set of directors to volunteer. There have been several other couples that have worked together for the betterment of the organization, Gordon noted.

“We have enjoyed going to different events of Giants of the Earth,” he said last week. “My wife and I have been annual members of Giants for a couple of years.”

The couple has volunteered at the GOE language camp during that time.

“Gordon is from the Spring Grove/Mabel area,” Brit said. “We like what Giants of the Earth stands for, and we like what they're doing.

“They are looking into the history of our area, and they have close ties with Norway through Sigmund Arseth. It's the Norwegian heritage. I'm Norwegian myself and I enjoy that. Culture, history, and art are all fields that I'm interested in.”

“I'm into heritage myself,” Gordon said. “I think that anything that promotes the heritage of the Spring Grove area and the surrounding church parishes is a good thing for Spring Grove.”