Chung Antique is hitting the road for their first major tour from Seattle to the Midwest - including Spring Grove. The band has local ties as its drummer is Spring Grove native, Whitney Bingham, daughter of Scott and Karen Bingham.

Chung Antique is an instrumental rock trio. "Our music can be described as math-rock because we experiment with unusual time signatures and poly-rhythms," explained Bingham. "We can also be described as post-rock or space-rock. Since we don't have a vocalist, we try to captivate the audience in other ways and hope the music speaks for itself."

The band met while attending The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Bingham and guitarist Charlie Zaillian were neighbors. "He saw my drum set through the window and we started playing together," Bingham commented. "Charlie met Mike Bernatovicz [bassist] in class.

"They bonded over music so Charlie gave him a demo of our songs and invited him to a practice. That first practice Mike had already written parts and it all fell into place! The musical chemistry was apparent and there was no question that we would continue playing together."

Members of Chung Antique lived in Olympia for about two-and-a-half years after forming the band and "found their sound" playing shows in the Olympia house-show circuit. They now all live in Seattle where they work and play music.

This past January they released their first full-length album, Sweater Weather, on vinyl and CD. This album is the culmination of their five years they've spent together honing their unique sound.

Chung Antique's name is a creative spoonerism of 'tongue and cheek.' They will bring their original music to Norski's Saloon in Spring Grove on Thursday, June 26 at 7:00 p.m.

As a way of saying thanks to the Spring Grove community for their support of his business and him personally, Scott Bingham of Thrivent Financial is hosting a community appreciation event in conjunction with Chung Antique's performance. They will be serving nachos from Doc's Blue Moose along with beverages.

"I've been able to run a successful business here for 29 years because of the people in the community," remarked Scott. "But beyond that, the support that I received during my cancer recovery was fantastic. This is a fantastic place to live."

Spring Grove is one of the 21 shows Chung Antique will be performing during their 25-day tour. They head next to Minneapolis and then Grand Forks, North Dakota, as they begin their journey back west.

"We started booking the shows about five months in advance, so it's taken a lot of planning," commented Bingham. "Now that we're on the road, it's nice to take things one day at a time, enjoy the novel scenery and meet new people. It's definitely exciting and fun to see what the music scenes are like in other cities and meet people who are passionate about similar things."

Although she doesn't have much time in her hometown, Bingham is excited to be in Spring Grove. "It'll be fun to show my bandmates where I'm from and my friends and family in Spring Grove what I've been creating in the last five years!"

Chung Antique will have their newest album for sale along with Tour EP, t-shirts, and buttons. To hear a sample of their music before enjoying it live, check out their website,