The Rev. Len Liptack has published his first book, “Bible Reading Survival Guide.”
The Rev. Len Liptack has published his first book,

“Bible Reading Survival Guide.”

"Nothing teaches you more about the Bible than the Bible itself," says the Rev. Len Liptack in his book, "Bible Reading Survival Guide".

"Once you are familiar enough with the stories, characters and images in the Bible you will find your reading much more fruitful."

This is the second printing of this book by Liptack; he first printed it in 2010 but has since made some updates and revisions.

The book is a result of when he was preaching through the whole Bible with his congregation and including articles in the newsletter as well as from notes that he compiled for a Bible class he has taught and continues to teach.

He would put together notes and information for the class and decided that it would be nice to have it all in one place for the attendees and thus the book was born.

"I called it a 'survival guide' because people often start reading the Bible, but don't make it through because of its length and maybe not understanding what they are reading," explained Liptack. "I wanted them to make it through and for it to have meaning and make sense to them."

Before getting into the actual reading of the Bible, Liptack explains how the books of the Bible were written down, how they were collected, and how they have been preserved throughout the centuries.

He also gives readers a big picture of the overall Bible to help them understand what they'll be reading.

"The real purpose of this book is to give [the reader] enough orientation and perspective to begin a regular life-long habit of reading the Bible," said Liptack.

He gives readers four different options for reading through the Bible.

"The reading plans vary in the depth and amount of reading that the person wants to do. I follow the stories in more of a chronological path instead of necessarily Genesis through Revelations."

The first reading plan he developed for his confirmation students and it covers 210 chapters of the Bible and can be finished in about 90 days.

The second reading plan includes 357 chapters and can be completed in one year.

The third reading plan covers 738 chapters, about two chapters a day on average, and can also be finished in one year.

The final reading plan is for the entire Bible and can be completed in a year by reading about three chapters per day.

Liptack self-published the book, which was also a big task with organizing, formatting, paginating and uploading the book.

His wife, Sharra, assisted with reading his texts and giving editing suggestions.

Once he told the publisher the book was ready for printing, it arrived at his home about seven days later. He is able to print copies on demand being that he self-published.

For those interested in purchasing a copy of the book, they can visit the website,, click on the "Bookstore" link, and search by author or book title.

When Liptack teaches a class on reading through the Bible, the book is included in the fee for the class. For more information about upcoming classes, contact Liptack at (507) 498-5154.

Liptack has been the pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Black Hammer for the past 10 years. He received his bachelor of science degree in biology and religion from the University of Puget Sound and his masters of divinity from Yale Divinity School.

He and his wife, Sharra, live in Black Hammer with their three young children, Josiah, Asher and Evangeline.