Jill Storlie and her niece, Elyse Storlie, are cozy in their warm Norwegian sweaters at Sweet By og Buy where Jill has gently-used Norwegian sweaters for sale.
Jill Storlie and her niece, Elyse Storlie, are cozy in their warm Norwegian sweaters at Sweet By og Buy where Jill has gently-used Norwegian sweaters for sale.
When the cold, damp winds blow does a warm woolen sweater sound ideal? Traditional Norwegian wool sweaters are the perfect answer, but usually come at a high price. However, now there is a local option for people to get their very own Norwegian sweater at a reduced price.

Jill Storlie has been purchasing gently-used Norwegian sweaters in a variety of sizes and styles and is selling them at her temporary shop, Sweet By og Buy (translation: Sweet By and Buy), located on Main Street in Spring Grove. She is doing this as a fundraiser for Giants of the Earth Heritage Center.

"I started searching for Norwegian sweaters for my family so that we could take a family photo with them on," explained Storlie on how she got started buying sweaters on eBay.

"After buying some that seemed to be the right size, I discovered they didn't fit as hoped. I realized that trying on a sweater is essential, because every sweater fits just a little different."

She has continued to buy gently used sweaters giving people the opportunity to try them on before purchasing.

"I really enjoy wearing my Norwegian sweaters; I wear them almost daily during cold weather. I think more people would enjoy having them, too, but the cost might have prohibited them from purchasing one in the past. Even on sale in a shop, they can cost more than $200.

"I have searched around and have not found any shops that specialize in selling used Norwegian sweaters, so I thought this would be a great opportunity for many while helping out Giants of the Earth."

Storlie has purchased most of the sweaters she has from eBay and has a variety of colors and sizes from young children to adult.

Twenty-five percent of the purchase price will be donated to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center for their everyday operation costs.

She is donating her time and only covering her cost of the sweaters. The sweaters will range in price from about $80 - $125.

Through Syttende Mai, Storlie will have her sweaters for sale at the storefront on Main Street.

Following Syttende Mai, they will be available at her shop on the second floor of the Ballard House.

She will be at Sweet By og Buy most weekdays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday afternoons.

This is also her painting studio, so if there is a light on, people are welcome to stop in, try on sweaters and enjoy a cup of tea.

Sweaters can also be viewed other times by appointment by contacting Jill at (563) 419-0986.

"If someone has a Norwegian sweater in their closet that they don't wear because it doesn't fit right or they don't like the colors, I encourage them to bring it in and we can consign it for them," added Storlie.

"There is a $5 fee for bringing it in and then 20 percent of the sale price will go to Giants. The owner can mark the sweater at whatever price they would like. If they don't know what it is worth, I can help them figure out a price. I would like to see consignments take off.

"If a knitter or crocheter would like to consign some of their items, they can contact me as well. I hope to also have scarves and handmade jewelry available for sale.

"I think there are a lot of opportunities for expansion. I think this could really become a destination stop for visitors and that would be great for Spring Grove."

Looking discerningly at a Norwegian sweater, a person can see differences in patterns that can be very slight or quite drastic as well as an array of colors.

Storlie is quite knowledgeable of the types of sweaters and is very willing to explain how they differ. The styles of sweaters that she has are genser (a pullover sweater), loosekofte (a knitted jacket with an open front), and strykkejakke (a knitted jacket).

"Many people think that Norwegian sweaters are scratchy, but if worn with a nice cotton shirt, they are very comfortable," remarked Storlie.

"I also have a variety of T-shirts for sale that will work nicely with the sweaters. Most are unpatterned, but I will be silk screening some with Norwegian designs, too."