On Thursday, pallet upon pallet of rolls of sod lined Main Street awaiting their placement along the road. This is just one step of ending details for the Main Street project. Other areas worked on this past week included pouring sidewalk and pedestrian ramps east of Division Avenue, and installing light poles from Division Avenue to the east. Plans for next week include, pouring sidewalks and ped ramps east of Division Avenue, continuing to install light poles east of Division Avenue, and spreading more topsoil and placing more sod. If the weather cooperates, they will also be paving the final surface lift of bituminous pavement - fingers crossed! Project engineer, Jeffrey Bunch, PE, in the weekly email update reminded people, "Highway 44 in downtown Spring Grove is still closed to traffic. Please remind your friends and neighbors that they need to continue to use the local detour to get around downtown."

West of Spring Grove on Highway 44 to Highway 52, the project update said that paving of the final surface lift of bituminous pavement from Underpass Quarry to Highway 44/Highway 52 intersection began. When crews reach Highway 52 they will return to Underpass Quarry and begin paving east toward Spring Grove. They will also be replacing substandard mailbox supports along Highway 44. Flaggers and a pilot car will continue to control Highway 44 single lane traffic. Specific questions regarding work being done in Spring Grove can be directed to Tim Hruska at THruska@whks.com.