When the Spring Grove Board of Education met on April 15, summertime projects were on the agenda.

Superintendent Rachel Udstuen reported that quotes are still coming in for a possible new floor in the gymnasium. The work has not been approved, but is being studied.

So far, it appears that the total project could cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000. Nearly half of that figure would be for removal of asbestos-containing mastic (cementing material) that lies beneath the hardwood.

Although it doesn't pose a safety threat as-is, if the floor is removed it will need to go.

"Our gym floor does not absorb any of the shock when you land on it," she noted.

The board's Finance Committee will take up the subject at their next meeting, Udstuen said.

"I know that different community organizations have contacted me and said, 'If that's something you want to do, we want to contribute to it.' We don't have a (firm) price tag yet, so let's get that and then decide."

Udstuen said that if approved, the project would either be bankrolled mostly through donations or the budget.

"We don't want to levy for that," she added.

Another source of money that the committee will look at is a $31,885 donation that the estate of Betty Bretz (formerly Bessie Quinnell) has left to the school. The donation is earmarked for extracurricular activities.

Board members asked Udstuen to look into grants to help pay for the project. She agreed, stating, "If we decide, we're going after this; we should check every possible place (for funding)."

Udstuen also went through a list of smaller maintenance projects to be performed, beginning with a leaky pipe in the kitchen.

This summer a new pump for a heater, a series of "divots" in a lower hallway, and a wide range of minor repairs are on the list.

Some indoor lights and outdoor security lighting will also be addressed. The softball field needs some attention in the form of sand/lime along the base path.

Later in the meeting, the board approved a quote from Highmark Exteriors to repair hail damage to the roof of the Power Mechanics Building. The $27,000 project is covered by insurance.

Awards time near for students

Principal Nancy Gulbranson reported that the National Honor Society ceremony will be held April 25. Academic Excellence Awards are coming up on May 7.

Student numbers strong

Udstuen told the board that ADM (average daily membership) numbers are maintaining the solid gains they've posted since last year.

Kindergarten through third grade are up by 23 students, while fourth through sixth grades are up nine students, as are seventh through 12th grades. The total Spring Grove ADM is 41 higher than in May of 2012.

Revised budget approved

Increased enrollment and staff has bumped the 2012-13 revised budget higher, but the books are still balancing, district accountant Tanya Elton reported.

Expenditures grew from $3,662,392 to $3,869,295. Revenues went from $3,663,707 to $3,905,457. Members approved the report.

Personnel, other news

Directors reinstated .416 FTE of Julianna Lyle's contract for the 2013-14 school year, which will restore her to full-time status. Lyle teaches Secondary English/ Language Arts.

Open enrollment requests for four students were approved.

Tenth-graders Jacob and Nichole Rogich will continue to attend classes at Spring Grove while the family resides in the Houston School District.

Eighth-graders Haily and Mallory Marsden who reside in the Mabel-Canton School District also transferred to Spring Grove.

The board approved the second reading of the MSBA/MASA Model Policy Revision for the 2011 legislative session.

The next meeting of the Spring Grove School Board will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 20, in the Media Center.