“It’s about helping other people,” Brandon Bergey said last week. As manager and a certified personal trainer at Spring Grove Fitness Center, he’s in a unique position to do just that.
Six years ago this week, on Aug. 20, 2008, Brandon began his duties at SGFC.
“I guess that fitness, exercise, and sports have always been my interests,” he added.  Among area fitness centers, especially those in smaller communities, keeping a full-time trainer on staff is somewhat uncommon.
“When someone signs up, we see what their goals are. It might be to build muscle, lose fat, strengthen an area, or just feel better. Depending on those goals, we’ll customize the workouts. We start with an orientation, then develop a program based on how many days per week a person is able to work out.
“Here, I want people to feel comfortable with the machines, too.”
State of the art weight training machines, treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, free weights and more are available at SGFC.
Some health care plans will cover either part or all of the membership fee, Brandon said. That’s because healthy clients are a plus for the health insurance industry.
Bergey familiarizes clients with a wide range of equipment, including resistance-based machines that work on both the “push” and “pull” portions of the cycle. “You work two muscle groups at once with that type of equipment,” he noted.
“People who have a membership have a key which allows them 24-hour access,” Bergey said. That’s important for folks with changeable hours and shift workers.
SGFC member Roxanne Finnesgard said she’s been working out at the facility “pretty much since it opened....”
“He’s a great trainer,” Finnesgard stated. “He goes above and beyond, working individually with people and groups. You work harder with him there. When he’s putting in the effort to help you attain your goals, you also tend to put in more effort.”
Goals are a big part of the focus at SGFC.
“I really like working with people and helping them reach their goals,” Bergey said. “Seeing others succeed is the best part of my job.”
SGFC is celebrating 10 years of operation this fall, and plans are in the works to host a celebration on Sept. 20 at Viking Memorial Park.
The fun begins at 10 a.m., as attendees can challenge the military-style inflatable obstacle course of “the ultimate boot camp challenge” and the “bungee run,” where three people in harness are connected to an inflatable wall. The goal is to run as far as you can down a 35-foot corridor and place a Velcro baton on the track before the bungee snaps you back to the wall. There will also be food, drinks, and prizes during the four-hour event.
Visit www.sgfitness.coop for more information.