Wilmington Township residents attended the annual meeting of their local governing body on March 12.SGH/Buxengard
Wilmington Township residents attended the annual meeting of their local governing body on March 12.

Richard Amundson was appointed moderator for the Wilmington Township annual meeting held at the Town Hall on March 12 and attended by 10 township residents.

Last year, due to the illness of Julie Amundson, the clerk/treasurer, the financial report for 2011 was not available last year, and she requested that the report be tabled to this year's annual meeting.

She presented the 2011, which was approved, as well as the 2012 financial report that showed breakdowns of the general, road and bridge, fire, ambulance and solid waste funds.

Total income of all funds amounted to $240,267.31, expenses were $213,505.44. Adding balances carried over from the previous year in the amount of $138,077.03, left the township with ending balance of $164,838.90.

Wilmington Township has 38.3 miles of roads in Houston County and there are 36 named roads.

Road and bridge funding in the amount of $164,976 was generated from general property and gas taxes as well as state grants and aid.

In 2012, among expenses from this fund were: $48,121 for road rock, $93,172 for blading, $7,664 culverts, $4,600 to upgrade the mower, $3,952 for sign replacement and $5,972 for supplies of seed, fertilizer and brush killing spray.

Road project update given

Last year, culverts were replaced on Valley Vista Road and Burtness Road, town board chairman Greg Myhre reported.

Roads were rocked as needed. "We put on a lot of rock, but we lost a lot of it," he continued, adding, "It's hard to keep ahead. We'll have to put on a lot of rock this summer."

The roadside mower was traded, as is the policy to trade equipment every three to four years.

Replacement of the deficient bridge on South Prairie Road with two large concrete box culverts is a project that has been in the works since 2001 and is scheduled for this summer.

This is a town line road with Wilmington and Caledonia Townships. Most of the costs will be paid from the statewide Township Bridge Account while the two townships will share local costs equally.

Two landowners have signed an agreement to sell land to the townships so the project can move forward, while another parcel will be obtained by eminent domain.

The township has two bridges to replace on Wiebke Hill Dr. but due to lack of funds, the township is waiting to see if funding becomes available.

Levy approved at same rate

With town board recommendation, the residents approved a 2014 levy in the amount of $210,000, the same as the previous two years.

The levied amount, which comes out of the taxpayer's pocket for 2013 taxes payable in 2014, includes: General Fund $29,000, Road and Bridge $154,200, Ambulance $3,300, Fire $17,000 and Solid Waste $6,500.

"What saved the township in snow plowing last winter was a very mild winter," chairman Myhre stated, adding, "This year started out mild, but in January alone, we spent $16,000."

Other news from the meeting

In other business before the board:

• As a cost-saving measure, a resolution was presented and approved for combining election judges with Winnebago Township. Each precinct would have two judges and still have their own ballots.

• The policy for dust-control chloride on township roads will remain the same. The township would pay the first $50 of the cost for chloride, whether the resident prefers purchasing the bagged flakes to apply themselves or having the county apply liquid chloride.

• Bounty for pocket gophers will remain at $2 per pair of front feet. In 2012 the township paid out $1,048.

• The board will contact a contractor regarding the need to repair or seal off the cupola on the town hall roof.

Squirrels have gotten into the building through the ceiling, destroying four ceiling tiles and clawing the floor and window casings.

• Requests for donations to the Houston County Agricultural Society and Houston County Historical Society were approved at $500 to each.

The 2014 annual meeting set

With not much change in attendance numbers whether the meeting is held in the evening or afternoon, township residents decided to keep the afternoon schedule for the March 11, 2014, annual meeting with polls to open following the 2 p.m. meeting.

Election results announced

Of the 265 registered voters in the township, there were a total of 16 voters who cast ballots in the township election following the meeting. There were no absentee ballots.

Ken Privet was re-elected unanimously to a three-year term as supervisor. Other board members are: chairman Greg Myhre, clerk/treasurer Julie Amundson and Wesley Lapham.