Houston County Zoning

Permits for July 2013

Jessup Kohnen of Yucatan Township- Build deck (21' x 6');

Myron Wagner of Hokah Township- Build shed (28' x 28');

Skree Family Trust/Gary and Marion Skree of Sheldon Township- Install manufactured home (28' x 44');

Myron Sylling of Wilmington Township- Build grain bin (60,000 bu.);

Cheryl Flatin/Bernard Krenzke of Wilmington Township- Build cattle shed (60' x 63');

Steve Wiste of Black Hammer Township- Build cattle shed over existing feedlot (42' x 112');

Ron Fruechte of Sheldon Township- Build storage shed (12' x 20');

Mathy Construction Co./Dennis Golberg of Spring Grove Township- Install temporary asphalt plant; and

Gerald Hallum of Yucatan Township- Build pole barn/3 side open front (40' x 60').