Friday, Jan. 18:

1600 Hrs. - Received a call from an animal owner that their dog was loose. Animal control was also called and the dog returned home later.

1730 Hrs. - Report of harassing phone calls and an investigation was started.

1830 Hrs. - A dishonored check investigation initiated for a bad check passed at a local business.

1900 Hrs. - The police department arrested an individual as a fugitive from justice who was wanted in the State of Illinois.

Saturday, Jan. 19:

1800 Hrs. - Officer found damaged streetlights from the wind. Maintenance Department notified.

Monday, Jan. 21:

1900 Hrs. - Complaint of a wild animal in a residence. Animal control responded to the scene and the animal was removed.

Tuesday, Jan. 22:

0200 Hrs. - Report of a missing person who was later found OK.

Wednesday, Jan. 23:

1900 Hrs. - Theft report from a local business, investigation continuing.

2100 Hrs. - Respond to a building alarm at a local business.

Thursday, Jan. 24:

0445 Hrs. - Follow up on a complaint about suspicious activity at a local business.

1645 Hrs. - Officer assisted a residence with a neighbor dispute.

Sunday, Jan. 27:

1000 Hrs. - Officer called to do a death notification.

Monday Jan. 28:

1730 Hrs. - The police department was asked to do some extra patrol near a residence in the city.

Tuesday, Jan. 29:

1930 Hrs. - Issue speeding citation

2030 Hrs. - Issue a citation for driving after revocation.

Thursday, Jan. 31:

1030 Hrs. - Report of fraud and an investigation is continuing.

1100 Hrs. - A theft report from a citizen and an investigation is ongoing.