Houston County Zoning Permits for May 2013

Bruce and Shelley Meyer of Mayville Township- Build 3-season sunroom (14' x 20');

Allen Johnson of Black Hammer Township- Build decks (6' x 30 open deck and 10' x 40' covered deck);

Matt Tewes of Caledonia Township- Build kitchen and garage addition (24' x 46');

John Dahle of Wilmington Township- Build pole building (55' x 60');

Cory Baker of Yucatan Township- Build rec-room addition and porch (12' x 24');

John Dvorak of Money Creek Township- Build 2-car garage (28' x 28');

Mathy Construction Company of Spring Grove Township- Install temporary asphalt plant (90 days);

Andy Luttchens of Jefferson Township- Build family-dining-playroom addition (28' x 28');

Dean Beneke of Jefferson Township- Build house (28' x 52') and garage (30' x 34');

William and Heather Abrahamzon of Jefferson Township- Build barn (24' x 40') and shed (12' x 20');

Debra Peterson of Union Township- Build patio deck (10' x 30'); and

Gary and Karmin Van Domelen of Hokah Township- Build deck (12' x 40') and screen porch (12' x 20').