Houston County Zoning Permits ending June 20, 2013

Dave Thompson of Crooked Creek Township- Expand two decks (18' x 26') and (22' x 22');

Allen Meiners of Winnebago Township- Build attached garage (26' x 26');

George Sanness of Wilmington Township- Build shop (26' x 32');

David Wedl of Yucatan Township- Build storage shed (32' x 40');

Gerald Steele of Winnebago Township- Install mobile home (16' x 60') with 3' entry;

Alan Engstler of Union Township- Build garage (30' x 30');

Tom Langen of Hokah Township- Build a pole shed (40' x 50') (after-the-fact);

Steve and Rita Thom of Jefferson Township- Build house (28' x 60') and garage (24' x 24');

Chad and Deann Vix of Houston Township- Build 2-car garage (28' x 30') and shed (38' x 54');

Larry Kreibich of Hokah Township- Build 4-season room (12' x 20');

Dusty and Tammy Twite of Union Township- Build attached garage (30' x 36') and porch (10' x 38' and 10' x 13');

Joshua and Amanda Bedard of Money Creek Township- Build shed (32' x 60');

Hendel Farms of Caledonia Township- Build free-stall barn (118' x 184');

Richard Haines of Mound Prairie Township- Build storage building (30' x 60');

Fred Kroshus of Spring Grove Township- Build garage with breezeway attached to house (32' x 32');

Marilyn Flannery of Brownsville Township- Install trailer house (16' x 76') w/change in use of existing house to storage bldg.;

Eric Nelson of Caledonia Township- Build a silage bunker (110' x 230'); and

Robert Himmer of Black Hammer Township- Build pole shed/shop (40' x 80').