The Spring Grove Economic Development Authority (EDA) is offering funds to Spring Grove businesses in the initial target area of the Main Street corridor from First Avenue SE to First Avenue SW. The program is funded through the "Fix Fund."

Eligible businesses would provide a 50 percent match to upgrade their building facades with a maximum cap of $2,500 per building. Only $12,500 in available in 2013.

Applicants will be selected on a first-come first-served basis. Written applications must include a letter outlining the work to be completed and at least one quote from a contractor. To be considered, applications must be mailed to the EDA at PO Box 218, Spring Grove, MN 55974 or dropped off at City Hall.

Work would need to be completed by Dec. 31, 2013. If the final bill is less than the quote, the EDA will only pay 50% of the final invoice (up to $2,500). If the actual work performed exceeds the original quote, the business can submit a second application for the additional amount by Dec. 1, 2013, for further consideration if funding is available at the end of the grant period. The $2,500 limit will still apply.

Businesses owned either wholly or partly by EDA board members and city-owned buildings would be ineligible for the grant monies.

Compliance with any zoning permits from the City of Spring Grove would be the responsibility of the business owner. All work must be completed before the money will be released.

Questions can be directed to JC Nerstad at 507-951-0379 or Howard Deters at 507-498-3993.

JC Nerstad, Treasurer