That an application was received from the following person for variances of setback requirements:

Randy Krueger All that part of the east three-fourths of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 30, Township 103 North of Range 4 West and being west of the northwesterly right of way line of the public town road as said road is located on the date of this instrument AND that part of the following described property lying West of Ridgeview Road: A piece of land described as commencing at the Southwest corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 103 North, of Range 4 West, thence running east on the one-eighth line 40 rods, thence north 68 degrees west 35 rods, thence south 78 degrees west 18 rods, thence south 20 degrees west 17 rods and 6 links to the one-eighth line, thence east on said line 16 rods to the place of beginning. The above described parcel contains 15.30 acres and is subject to any easements, covenants and restrictions of record.

Brownsville Township Variances of 25 feet on the north and west property lines to meet the required 50 foot setbacks to build a shed.

A hearing on this application will be held at the Historic Courthouse, Commissioners' Room, City of Caledonia, Minnesota 55921 at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, July 25, 2013.


By Bob Scanlan, Zoning Administrator