Amending City of Spring Grove Chapter 706 by adding Section Q

Section Q

Restriction of Parking on East and West Main streets from Main Street to First Street

1 The purpose of this restriction is to facilitate snow removal and street cleaning on Main Street and a portion of South Division Avenue.

2 Parking is prohibited on Main Street (East and West) within city limits and on Division Avenue South from Main Street south to First Street between the hours of 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

3 Vehicles parked in violation may be towed without notice. Vehicles may be recovered by owner by the payment of any towing and storage fees.

4 Violation of this provision is a petty misdemeanor. The fine is that which is established by the Houston County Court fine schedule.

The full text of the ordinance is available for inspection during regular office hours at Spring Grove City Hall.

City Clerk/Treasurer Erin Konkel