April 5:

0000 Hrs. - Horses were found on the roadway and the owner contacted who came and got the horses.

1730 Hrs. - Request to keep an eye on a property while the owners are gone.

2000 Hrs. - Respond to a call about door-to-door salespeople, and investigation is continuing into possible violations of state law.

2345 Hrs. - Respond to a domestic assault report. An investigation is continuing.

April 6:

0000 Hrs. - Respond to a suspicious person call.

0130 Hrs. - Officers issued a parking citation in response to a parking complaint.

April 9:

1615 Hrs. - Theft report from a local business, the property was returned without any charges.

1745 Hrs. - Assist the Spring Grove Ambulance with a medical call.

April 10:

2200 Hrs. - Officers were contacted about an animal issue, the information was given to animal control, and they responded and set traps.

April 11:

1700 Hrs. - Report of harassing communications with an investigation continuing.

1945 Hrs. - Report of an assault with an investigation underway.

2200 Hrs. - Theft report with an investigation into the complaint.

2245 Hrs. - Officers were called about a civil matter between neighbors. The matter will be taken care of between them and no further police involvement is expected.