April 12:

1745 Hrs. - A call for trapping an animal was given to animal control.

1800 Hrs. - Investigating a harassment complaint.

April 13:

2045 Hrs. - Assist a resident that needed some personal help.

April 14:

1030 Hrs. - Call about wires that were knocked down in the ice.

1615 Hrs - Call about trees that were knocked down from the ice storm. City Maintenance also called to remove the debris.

April 17:

1700 Hrs. - Responded to a traffic complaint

1800 Hrs. - Investigation of theft of property from a business.

1830 Hrs. - Animal control given information on incident.

2145 Hrs. - Respond to a reported accident south of Spring Grove.

2245 Hrs. - Check on the welfare of an individual that lives in town.

April 18:

1645 Hrs. - Respond to a shoplifting complaint.

2030 Hrs. - Report of a crash that occurred earlier in the evening with no injuries.