May 24, 2013:

1000 Hrs - Respond to a call of a theft from a home. The investigation is continuing.

1615 Hrs. - Respond to a door-to-door sales complaint. Officers were unable to locate the sales people.

1845 Hrs. - Assist the Sheriff's Office with an accident investigation.

2215 Hrs. - Receive an animal complaint. The animal owners were sent a warning letter.

May 26:

1930 Hrs. - Investigate a motor vehicle crash on Main St.

May 27:

0930 Hrs. - Assist a party who had motor vehicle trouble

May 30:

1600 Hrs. - Receive a call of kids playing in the road. Officers spoke with the parents and the children about the issue.

1730 Hrs. - Assist a resident with an issue regarding paperwork they needed completed.

2105 Hrs. - Issue a traffic citation for speeding.

2243 Hrs. - Assist the Sheriff's Department with a motor vehicle crash in Black Hammer