May 31, 2013:

1030 Hrs. -Report of theft of items stolen from a vehicle.

1045 Hrs. - Welfare check on a resident - All was OK

1230 Hrs. - Assist a resident who was contacted by a telephone scam scheme.

1915 Hrs. - Call about a possible drunk driver, coming into Spring Grove. Vehicle was located and stopped, the driver was not intoxicated, and the driving behavior was corrected.

2200 Hrs. - Respond to a motor vehicle accident in Southwest Alley. The incident is still under investigation.

June 1, 2013:

1400 Hrs. - Theft report of a gas drive off. The person returned and paid for the fuel.

2245 Hrs. - Issued a citation for disregarding a stop sign.

2345 Hrs. - Investigating an assault complaint that occurred at Norksi's Saloon.

June 3, 2013:

0800 Hrs. - Assist Sheriff's Department with a motor vehicle crash east of Spring Grove.

1220 Hrs. - Respond to a motor vehicle crash on the construction detour.

June 4, 2013:

2350 Hrs. - Responded to a 911 call. Children were playing with the phone.

June 5, 2013:

1815 Hrs. - Responded to a report of a missing child. The child was found shortly after officers arrived.

1926 Hrs. - Assist the Spring Grove Ambulance at a medical call.

June 6, 2013:

1130 Hrs. - Dishonored check passed at local business.

June 7, 2013:

1800 Hrs. - Assist a residence with a suspicious call that was a misinterpretation of what they saw.

1835 Hrs. - Issue a citation for "Overtime Parking".

June 9, 2013:

0037 Hrs. - Incident at the Spring Grove American Legion and are investigating an incident of disorderly conduct.

0150 Hrs. - Respond to a building alarm at a local business- All was found to be OK.

1655 Hrs. - Respond to a domestic situation. Parties involved left the area on their own.

June 10, 2013:

1700 Hrs. - Noise complaint about a local business

1753 Hrs. - Cited a person for indecent exposure.

2307 Hrs. - Assisted the Fillmore County Sheriff with a call of cattle on the road.

June 12, 2013:

0845 Hrs. - Cited a driver for driving after revocation and other traffic issues

0926 Hrs. - Took a complaint of signage on the detour - Request was given to MnDOT.

0933 Hrs. - Called to a residence and quieted an argument between a juvenile and his guardian.

1041 Hrs. - Assist the Spring Grove Ambulance with a medical call.

1445 Hrs. - Report of lewd conduct behind a local business

1500 Hrs. - Assisted a citizen with a driving issue that was not criminal in nature and was informational.