The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases from 5/23 to 5/30/13 were compiled from reports released from the Houston County Court Administrator's office.

Caledonia Police Dept.

Richard Ervin Klinski, 49, Caledonia; 01/05/13, Disorderly conduct; Fees $375 ($150 stayed 1 year); Jail 30 days; (27 days stayed for 1 year, Credit for time served: 3 days); Supervised probation for 1 year; Sign all releases of information for CD evaluation; Remain law abiding; Domestic abuse evaluation; Follow recommendations of evaluation, of CD evaluation and DVI.

Houston County Sheriff Dept.

Brian Ralph Dunbar, 42, Caledonia; 04/11/13, Speeding 73/55; Fees $135.

Charles Thane Ingram, 23, Rushford; 05/04/13, Speeding 74/55; Fees $135.

James Brady Irvin, 43, New Albin, IA; 01/07/13, Controlled substance crime in 5th degree - Subsequent conviction - Severity level II; Fees $75; Jail for 30 days; Commit to Commissioners of Corrections - MN Correctional Facility St. Cloud 12 months and 1 day (stayed for 10 years); Supervised probation for 10 years; Remain law abiding; Sign probation agreement; Abide by MN DOC Case Plan as directed by supervising agent; Follow all instructions of probation, abide by any and all rules and reasonable directives of the supervising agent in Minnesota or Iowa; That the defendant follow through with the interstate compact so his case can be successfully transferred to Iowa; No alcohol/controlled substance use; No possession of alcohol or drugs; Maintain employment; Submit to random searches, that the defendant submit to a search by law enforcement of his residence, property and vehicles to verify compliance with the general prohibition to not own, use or possess firearms; Random testing; Follow recommendations of evaluation; Follow aftercare of CD assessment; Sign all releases of information; Do not enter bars or liquor stores; No contact with persons associated with illegal drugs; Cogitative skill training or similar program in Iowa if directed by supervising agent; Supply DNA sample; Psychological evaluation/ treatment; Community work service 40 hours for 6 months.

Stiehl Daniel Krueger, 22, La Crescent; 03/06/13, Operate snowmobile without safety certificate/training; Fees $125.

Brianna Ann Mickschl-James, 25, La Crosse, WI; 04/14/13, Speeding 57/40; Fees $135.

La Crescent Police Dept.

Holly Rose Germain, 21, La Crosse, WI; 04/26/13, Speeding 55/40; Fees $135.

Sarah Marie Reps, 34, La Crosse, WI; 04/20/13, Speeding 66/50; Fees $135.

Austin Joseph Tegels, 25, Ankeny, IA; 05/17/13, Speeding 57/40; Fees $135.