September Zoning Permits

for Houston County

Tom and Jeff Gerard of Wilmington Township- Build lean-to on existing shed (40' x 64');

Irvin and Joanne Schansberg of Caledonia Township- Build house (32' x 38'), deck (14' x 10'), garage (28' x 36') and shop (32' x 48') with 10' lean;

Morken Farms of Black Hammer Township- Build bunker silo (80' x 150');

Jeffrey Eastman of Jefferson Township- Build shop/garage (18' x 30');

Arlin Gran and Greg Gran of Crooked Creek Township- Replace existing trailer - no additional bedrooms (16' x 60');

A. Peter and Jeanne Johnson of Houston Township- Build shed (24' x 27');

Dean Miller of Wilmington Township- Build storage shed (36' x 50');

Travis and Naaren Kingsley of Sheldon Township- Build a garage (30' x 30');

Josh Swenson of Sheldon Township- Build house (43'4" x 32') and garage (24' x 35');

Karl Stokman of Winnebago Township- Build pole shed (40' x 64');

Tony Breeser of Union Township- Build shed (30' x 60');

Dennis Gulbranson of Spring Grove Township- Build pole storage building (60' x 104'); and

Tim Schieber of Caledonia Township- Build shed (60' x 120').