Notice of Application

For Livestock Building Permit

Notice is hereby given per Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 116, that Scott Sanness, has made an application to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the County of Houston for a permit to construct a total confinement swine finishing barn on top of a previously proposed and permitted concrete manure basin.

The existing feedlot is located in Section 26 of Wilmington Township, Spring Grove, MN. The existing permitted facility consists of 1,500 animal units of hogs (1,200 nursery pigs & 4,800 butcher hogs) housed in four total confinement buildings.

Manure will be stored in two concrete manure basins. The proposed total confinement barn will be 61' x 164'. The total number of animal units will not increase. Bio-filters will be installed on the manure basin exhaust fans.

This publication shall constitute as notice to each resident and each owner of real property within 5,000 feet of the perimeter of the proposed feedlot as required by Minnesota State Law.