Terry John Schroeder, 42, of Caledonia from Katherine Schroeder, 28, of Houston - Dissolution without child;

Terrance Marlin Kasten, 55, of Eitzen from Lorna Lynn Kasten, 52, of Spring Grove - Dissolution with child;

Kathleen Mary Carlon, 63, of Brownsville from Gary Paul Carlon, 65, of La Crescent - Dissolution without child;

Kora Marie Kuehl-Thompson, 29, of La Crescent from Joshua John Thompson, 29, of Bangor, WI - Dissolution with child; and

Lee E. Grippen, 69, of Caledonia from Gayle G. Grippen, no age available, of Wabasha - Dissolution without child.


Nicholas Lee Holten and Stephanie Geva Folstad, both of Mabel;

Anthony Trentus Venson and Kimberly Anne Giraud, both from Sparta, Wis.; and

Mathew Arnold Goetzinger and Emily Ann Sheehan, both of Eitzen.