The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases from 8/16 to 8/23/12 were compiled from reports released from the Houston County Court Administrator's office.

Caledonia Police Dept.

Chris James Deflorian, 29, Caledonia; 7/16/12, No animal license; Fees $95.

Houston County Sheriff Dept.

Joel Adams Clements, 26, La Crescent; 6/29/12, Speeding 40/30; Fees $115.

Pamela Jeanne Ewing, 22, New Albin, IA; 6/22/12, Speeding 77/55; Fees $215.

Rachel Ann Lankford, 41, La Crosse, WI; 7/13/12, Speeding 68/50; Fees $135.

Kurt Karl Nelson, 33, Brownsville; 7/29/12, Speeding 78/55; Fees $215.

Keith Allen Schroeder, 28, Mankato; 1/26/12, Drugs-5th degree possess schedule 1,2,3,4 - not small amount marijuana-subsequent conviction; Commit to MN Correctional Facility, St. Cloud 19 months (stayed for 10 years), Fees $75, jail 63 days, supervised probation 10 years, remain law abiding, sign probation agreement, follow all instructions of probation, abide by a MN DOC case plan as directed by supervising agent, No alcohol/controlled substance use, no possession of alcohol or dugs, random testing, do not enter bars or liquor stores, submit to random searches, no contact with persons associated with illegal drugs, follow through with all aftercare recommendations, attend AA, cognitive skill training, psychological evaluation/ treatment, supply DNA sample.

Kory James Schulte, 20, La Crescent; 7/25/12, Speeding 71/55; Fees $135.

Joshua Richard Schutte, 30, Caledonia; 9/12/11, Domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits acts with intent to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death (Continued for dismissal); complete chemical assessment, follow recommendations of evaluation, sign all releases of information, remain law abiding, no same or similar offense.

Joshua Richard Schutte, 30, Caledonia; 9/12/11, Domestic assault-misdemeanor-intentionally inflicts/attempts to inflict bodily harm (Continued for dismissal); same conditions as above.

Joshua Richard Schutte, 30, Caledonia; 9/12/11, Disorderly conduct-brawling or fighting (Continued for dismissal); same conditions as first count.

Michael Raymond Woods, 32, Caledonia; 3/24/12, DWI-operate motor vehicle-alcohol concentration 0.08 within 2 hours; Fees $3,105 ($2,600 stayed 2 years), jail 365 days (275 days stayed 2 years), supervised probation 2 years, remain law abiding, no alcohol violations, no driver's license violations sign all releases of information.

Houston Police Dept.

Jesse Michael Campbell, 24, Byron; 7/28/12, Disorderly conduct; Fees $275 ($100 stayed 1 year), jail 30 days (stayed 1 year), unsupervised probation 1 year.

La Crescent Police Dept.

Kent Joseph Bezdicek, 44, Hokah; 8/04/12, Failure to display current motor vehicle registration-expired plates; Fees $105.

Edward Alfred Boydston, Jr., 31, New Albin, IA; 8/12/12, Driving after driver's license suspension; Fees $275.

Jesse James Jones, 64, La Crescent; 6/23/12, Driving after driver's license revocation; Fees $275.

Stephanie Lynn Mollinger, 26, Westby, WI; 8/02/12, Speeding 65/50; Fees $135.

Jared Allen Sweeney, 18, La Crescent; 7/31/12, Liquor consumption by person under 21; Fees $175.

Minnesota Highway Patrol

David E. Brown, 43, La Crescent; 5/21/12, Operate unregistered vehicle/without plated displayed in public st./hwy; Fees $175.

Tina M. Garrison, 34, Harmony; 6/08/12, Seat belt required-driver and passenger must use; Fees $100.

Ronald Ferdinand Meyer, 70, Sumner, IA; 3/22/12, Duty to drive with due care-speed greater than reasonable; Fees $115.