The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases from 10/18 to 10/25/12 were compiled from reports released from the Houston County Court Administrator's office.

Caledonia Police Dept.

Renee LaRayne Buckland, 46, Spring Grove; 8/17/12, Uninsured vehicle-owner violation; Fees $275.

Annie Morgan Kieffer, 21, Winona; 8/16/12, Duty to drive with due care-speed greater than reasonable; Fees $100, unsupervised probation 1 year, restitution reserved for 60 days, no same or similar offense.

Telly Ray Ranzenberger, 37, Brownsville; 7/31/12, Domestic abuse-violate order for protection; Fees $200, unsupervised probation 1 year, remain law abiding, no violation other than minor traffic violations.

Eric Christopher Rediske, 34, Decorah, IA; 10/5/12, Speeding 45/30; Fees $135.

Clayton Charles Ullom, 47, Cresco, IA; 4/25/11, Issue dishonored check-offense; Fees $154.44, restitution $95.56, unsupervised probation 6 months, no same or similar offense.

Houston County Sheriff Dept.

Kaylin Johanna Holthaus, 23, Onalaska, WI; 10/12/12, Speeding 57/40; Fees $135.

Timothy Lee Johnson, 21, Winona; 9/25/12, Speeding 70/55; Fees $135.

Joel Stanley Schroeder, 38, Caledonia; 9/17/12, Failure to stop at stop signs or stop lines; Fees $125.

Kristin Marie Trocinski, 35, Spring Grove; 9/26/12, Speeding 79/55; Fees $215.

Megan Catherine Budde, 24, Brownsville; 9/26/12, Speeding 60/50; Fees $115.

Seth Andrew Busness, 19, La Crescent; 9/04/12, Drugs-possess/sale small amount of marijuana-no remuneration; Fees $125.

James J. Coon, 53, Stoddard, WI; 10/08/12, Duty to drive with due care-speed greater than reasonable; Fees $115.

Gregory Michael Meinertz, 30, La Crosse, WI; 9/15/12, Disorderly conduct (Continued for dismissal); Fees $400, unsupervised probation 12 months, remain law abiding, defendant shall provide written notice to the city attorney for City of La Crescent within 3 days of the occurrence and details of every ticket, citation, arrest or complaint. The written notification must state the nature, the date and the location of the offense.

Larry Duane Venner, Jr., 44, La Crescent; Driving after driver's license revocation; Fees $275.

MN Dept of Natural Resources

Joshua Russel Richmond, 39, Mount Vernon, IA; 10/11/12, Angling without a license (non-resident); Fees $175.