Fri., Sept. 14:

1130 Hrs. - Concern from a citizen about behavior at public meetings

1645 Hrs. - Officers took a report of an intoxicated person; the area was checked but were unable to locate the person

2345 Hrs. - Citation for speeding issued

Sat., Sept. 15:

0115 Hrs. - Loud music complaint coming from an apartment, officers spoke to the renter and asked him to turn the music down

1830 Hrs. - Officers unlocked a motor vehicle

Sun., Sept. 16:

1130 Hrs. - Officer assisted the La Crescent Police Department with traffic control during their celebration parade

2045 Hrs. - Vehicle driving erratically complaint, officer spoke with the driver and there was no more erratic driving

Mon., Sept. 17:

2015 Hrs. - SGPD and SGFD conducted traffic control during the Snake Dance during Homecoming

Fri., Sept. 21:

1330 Hrs. - Officer conducted traffic control during Homecoming Parade

Thurs., Sept. 27:

2130 Hrs. - Officers took a complaint of littering

Sat., Sept. 29:

0930 Hrs. - SGPD and SGFD conducted traffic control during the UffDa Fest 10K Run

1730 Hrs. - Officers received a call from a party that needed assistance with property removal but was advised that the matter is civil and the police department does not have any authority and was advised to speak to an attorney for legal advice

1745 Hrs. - Officers received an animal complaint and spoke to the animal owner about the violation

2045 Hrs. - Officer found a open door while conducting door checks, an employee came and secured the building

Sun., Sept. 30:

0115 Hrs. - Officers are investigating a liquor violation

Wed., Oct. 3:

1745 Hrs. - Officers received some drug information and started an investigation

Thurs., Oct. 4:

2045 Hrs. - Officers assisted the Spring Grove Ambulance with a medical call where entry was needed to be made into the home to render aid to the homeowner