Friday, Oct. 26:

1745 Hrs. - Officers checked a residence where it was reported to have had suspicious activity. The residence was OK.

Wednesday, Oct. 31:

1730 Hrs. - Officers took a parking complaint. The vehicle was moved by the owner.

1745 Hrs. - Officers performed a welfare check on a resident that had not been seen for a few days. The resident was fine and was gone visiting family.

1815 Hrs. - The police department was contacted by a resident to keep an eye on their home while they are gone.

1830 Hrs. - The department was called to assist a family with some safety issues concerning their property.

1945 Hrs. - Assist the Sheriff's Dept. by issuing a deer permit to a person to possess a deer that had been struck.

2000 Hrs. - Performed a welfare check. The person was contacted and they were fine.

Thursday, Nov. 1:

1700 Hrs. - Report of a gas drive off. The person was contacted by the police department and paid for the fuel.