Adam George Olson and Ashley Elizabeth Hahn, both of Houston;

Jordan Lloyd Meyer and Rachelle Leigh Schulze, both of Caledonia;

Jeffrey Arlyn Groth of Dakota and Kelly Anne Meiners of Winona;

Patrick James Molling and Kristi Autumn Rogich, both of Eitzen;

Preston David Whitaker and Naomi Summer Landry, both of La Crosse, Wis.;

Corey William Bell and Amber Jean Schoh, both of Caledonia;

Joshua Michael Wiste of Spring Grove and Autumn Lea VanEmmerik of Maple Grove;

Marty Glen Goetting and Deidre Alaine Kristoff, both of Caledonia;

Norman James Snodgrass and Kate Anne Peterson, both of Caledonia;

Kyle Joseph Welscher and Kayla Marie Helm, both of Caledonia;

Evan Joseph Klug of Caledonia and Chelsey Lynn Mitchener of Red Wing; and

Andrew William Halverson and Nichole Marie Lunsford, both of Mabel.


MAY 2013 divorces

Andrew L. Heisler, 32, of La Crescent from Ana Paula C. Heisler, 30, of Caledonia- dissolution without child;

Jeanette Marie Smith, 57, of La Crescent from Steven Lee Smith, Jr., 54, of La Crosse, Wis.,- dissolution with child;

Pamela Jeanne Mechtel, 58, from Allen David Mechtel, 65, both of Caledonia- dissolution without child;

Dennis Michael Walter, 53, from Gayle Ellen Walter, 53, both of La Crescent- dissolution without child; and

Brian Ralph Dunbar, 42, from Dawn Michelle Dunbar, 40, both of Caledonia- dissolution with child.