The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases from 05/22 to 05/29/14 were compiled from reports released from the Houston County Court Administrator's office.

Caledonia Police Dept.

Collin Edward Giles, 22, Burnsville; 02/15/14, DWI (Stay of Adjudication); Fees $700, Supervised probation 1 year, No same or similar, Compete alcohol assessment and follow all recommendations.

Taylor John Kujak, 21, Spring Grove; 12/06/13, Obstruction of legal process; $675 ($400 stay 1 year), Jail 30 days (30 days stay 1 year), Unsupervised probation 1 year.

Walter Brendan Stapleton, 38, Caledonia; 04/24/14, Running at large prohibited; Fees $150.

Walter Brendan Stapleton, 38, Caledonia; 04/24/14, Licenses; Fees $20.

Houston County Sheriff Dept.

Frederick George Kriemelmeyer, 64, La Crosse, WI; 03/16/14, Speeding 50/30; Fees $215.

Jon Charles Nerstad, 43, Spring Grove; 04/25/14, Speeding 75/55; Fees $215.

Kayla Jean Sandvik, 21, La Crescent; 04/08/14, Speeding 49/30; Fees $135.

La Crescent Police Dept.

Jess Lee Books, 32, Brownsville; 05/08/14, Speeding 66/45; Fees $215.

Caleb Thomas Cody, 35, Onalaska, WI; 05/08/13, Theft by false representation; Fees $3,075 ($3,000 stay 3 years), Restitution $10,589.93, Jail 365 days (356 days stay 3 years - Credit for time served: 9 days), Supervised probation 3 years, Remian law abiding, No contact with victim(s), No same or similar, Complaint with conditions in the State of Wisconsin.

Austin Edward Fitzgerald, 20, Houston; 05/11/14, Underage liquor consumption; Fees $175.

Riley John Horihan, 19, Houston; 05/11/14, Underage liquor consumption; Fees $175.

Debra Jane Jennings, 48, Onlaska, WI; 08/15/08, Fraud - financial transaction card (Stay of Adjudication); Restitution $5,780.37, Supervised probation 5 years, Sign and follow all conditions and instructions of probation agreement - follow through with interstate compact for transfer to Wisconsin, Remain law abiding, No same or similar, Sign all releases of information, No contact with victim(s), Submit to random searches, No use or possession of firearms, No alcohol/controlled substance use unless prescribed, No possession of alcohol or drugs unless prescribed, Do not enter bars or liquor stores, Random testing, Write letter of apology, No contact with persons associated with illegal drugs, Do not associate with persons using or possessing alcohol or controlled substances, Obtain and maintain employment, Mental health evaluation, Diagnostic assessment and follow recommendations, Attend 2 AA meeting a week and provide proof, Close all credit cards and do not open a new credit card account without permission from agent, Destroy all card in the name of Ms. Hutchings, Community work service 40 hours indeterminate.

Crystal Marie Reschke, 33, La Crescent; 04/08/14, Careless driving; Fees $375 ($100 stay 1 year), Jail 10 days (10 days stay 1 year), Unsupervised probation 1 year, Remain law abiding, No same or similar.

Minnesota Highway Patrol

Maria Lynn Alexander, 18, La Crescent; 04/28/14 Speeding 55/45; Fees $115.

Jason Lee Beaston, 33, La Crosse, WI; 04/09/14, Unlawful passing; Fees $125.

John Myron Berzinski, 36, La Crescent; 04/12/14, Seatbelts required; Fees $100.

Ronald Lee Buroker, 66, Holmen, WI; 05/03/14, Speeding 65/55; Fees $115.

Alan Kelly Miner, 52, La Crescent; 04/23/14, Seatbelts required; Fees $100.

Michael John Price, 66, La Crosse, WI; 05/15/14, Speeding 66/55; Fees $125.

Zachary David Reed, 31, Westby, WI; 04/12/14, Seatbelts required; Fees $100.

Topanga Lynn Skiles, 19, La Crosse, WI; 04/24/14, Speeding 65/55; Fees $115.

Susan Jolene Wooden, 53, La Crescent; 04/19/14, Seatbelts required; Fees $100.

Spring Grove Police Dept.

Casey Joseph Colsch, 27, Mabel; 03/27/14, 72 hour parking violation; Fees $32.