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  • What is the impact of Maranatha Fellowship (MF) on our wonderful community, my hometown? That’s worth pondering.  I’d like to share how MF has impacted me. 
  • Each year, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) awards approximately $1 million in grants to schools, communities, and nonprofits in order to strengthen early childhood programming and economic development efforts throughout southern Minnesota. 
  • ...in response to the Houston County July 8 board meeting video addressing the county engineer’s proposed new building. 
  • Planning and Zoning... denied the citizens of Houston County a fair chance to present evidence regarding the Erickson mine. 
  • The top three issues facing Houston County: 
  • You can live 3 minutes without air; in a harsh environment, such as blizzard you have 3 hours to survive without shelter. After 3 days you will die without water. The human body is made up of around 60 percent water. 
  • We would like to give you a proper thanks for the warmth that met us this year. Thank you for being curious and for making us a part of your lives. This has been an amazing experience and a great journey that neither one of us will ever forget. 
  • You perhaps more or less remember what congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said on a radio talk show a few months ago about "work" and "culture." It led to a midsize flap about whether he is a racist.

  • First of all, I would like to clear a few misleading issues regarding my termination from Spring Grove Public School. I held the position of the Community Ed secretary, not director (as stated on the school web site)! I do not have my license, therefore, by default the Superintendent is the Community Ed Director and ultimately responsible for the program. 
  • June is Rail Crossing Safety Awareness Month. Already this year, there have been 25 highway-rail grade collisions in Minnesota. 
  • ...the board of commissioners. Commissioners are elected by district, serve four-year terms that are staggered among the board (not all elected the same year), and are responsible for the operation of the county and the delivery of county services. 
  • It's wrong that citizens have to lawyer up just to get certain county employees to do their jobs. 
  • "If it's not yours, leave it alone!" 
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