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Wednesday, July 22, 2015 10:28 AM

Some time ago, I read in the Spring Grove Herald that the Houston Board of Commissioners were considering “removing the historical site” status of the 140-year-old Houston County Jail.

  • This Houston County shop project is out of hand! Let me start by saying I sat on Commissioner Steve Schuldt’s “public committee” the last time they met.

  • Castro, Mussolini, Stalin, and countless other monarchic and oligarchic regimes in the annals of history were leaders.  I doubt any public input, much less any stinking public input meetings, ever took place under their leaderships.  There is no need to confer with an expendable population when pursuing self-serving aspirations, goals and gains.

  • Some time ago, I read in the Spring Grove Herald that the Houston Board of Commissioners were considering “removing the historical site” status of the 140-year-old Houston County Jail.


    I’m more disappointed than surprised that Planning Commission Chairman Dan Griffin declined my invitation to publicly debate the mining ordinance he’s been promoting. It’s the same proposed ordinance wisely rejected by the board in early March.

  • Do you know what happened at the Houston County board meeting on June 9? These weekly meetings, held Tuesdays at 9 a.m. at the Houston County Courthouse, are recorded and available to view online at http://www.co.houston.mn.us/ under Houston County Board Recordings.

  • One of the many problems with Houston County’s governance in recent years has been a lack of meaningful dialogue. Citizens are so far allowed only 120 seconds once a week to address the Houston County Board of Commissioners. Any questions a citizen may have must be rhetorical in nature because the board – like Mount Rushmore – will not respond.

  • It's undeniable that our rural towns are different than they were even one generation ago. There are a few less businesses, a few more shuttered houses. To passersby, it might appear that these places are dying, some already dead. Certainly, books like Joseph Amato's “Decline of Rural Minnesota” (1993) and Patrick Carr and Maria Kefalas' “Hollowing Out the Middle” (2010) tell the story of young people moving out, deaths outpacing births, and the decline of agriculture as a primary economic engine.

  • With summer coming and everything being planted, our community will be beautiful!

  • I just watched the last board meeting of the Houston County commissioners and am very disappointed with our representation of our county shown there by three of the commissioners, namely Teresa Walter, Judy Storlie and Steve Schuldt.

  • Residents who were incorrectly concerned that I do not support land buffers can rest easier tonight.

  • Thomas Trehus' recent letter to the editor (Spring Grove Herald April 29 issue) contained some inaccurate statements that need correcting.

  • Recently the Minnesota House Republicans unveiled their two-year budget. Though there were some good things in the budget, something was severely lacking — adequate school funding. With a nearly $2 billion budget surplus, the Legislature has a tremendous opportunity to re-invest in Minnesota’s future. Unfortunately their budget, crafted in large part by Tax Chair Greg Davids (R-Preston), fails to even come close to meeting the needs of schools.

  • Greg Rendahl recently expressed his disappointment with my opposition to Gov. Dayton's idea requiring 50-foot buffer zones along rivers and streams (Bluff Country Reader letter April 20 edition). He thinks I'm catering to the interests of a few "greedy" farmers.

  • This is a response to comments from Fred Arnold in area newspapers a couple weeks ago.

  • At the Houston County commissioners’ meeting April 14, the county engineer, an architect and county personnel in financing did a presentation for a new highway department building.  Those in financing explained how funds can be made available without raising taxes.

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