Let's invent a respect-for-all-life method to distribute profits in return for our production.

Capitalism's unfettered market place wealth distribution system excludes love of God and neighbor. It features long established, almost invisible, grossly discriminatory competition against each other to "find the value of our production." No one is happy with it. The rich want more and the poor want enough to live.

The richest 5 percent of Americans controlled 72 percent of the nation's wealth in 2011. They can legally bribe our government. The next 15 percent had 21 percent, so the poorest 80 percent kept only 7 percent.

People, who put profits before human rights, invade our local communities to destroy our fertile soil, pollute our air, and steal and poison our limited water reserves to get our sand to pollute other areas to get petroleum for more profits. As long as our local, state, and/or national governments allow that violation of our human rights in favor of profits for a few, we are clearly NOT «one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.»

So, how can so few continue to dominate most of us? Damage control. They encourage us to fight right and left against each other to outlaw, regulate, or modify the horrible evidence that unfettered free-market-capitalism is a complete failure. WE sidetrack our love-power with OUR damage control habit, so WE lose. Capitalism remains.

But, Jesus told us to replace the way of the world with the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.  Jesus told us to unite to put our love into action in a non-judgmental, humble and forgiving manner. The power of united love-in-action is more than adequate to accomplish our assignment. The frac-sand aggression, abortion, poverty wages, and a lot more horrors are evidence that capitalists are leading the wrong way. When we stop following capitalists, they won't be our leaders!

Lorraine Redig,