Jack Krage would be a great Minnesota State Senator. He has the maturity and life experience necessary to represent ALL Minnesotans.

Jack grew up on a dairy farm, was a public school teacher and has been a businessman in Winona for the past 28 years. He is a highly respected member of the Winona community and has been very active in the Lion's Club and other community groups.

Having attended Winona State University, Jack knows how important it is to continue state funding for all education and to keep college tuition affordable for everyone.

Jack is a great problem solver. His solutions are reasoned and well thought out. He would do very well working together with other Minnesotans in the State Legislature, whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

Jeremy Miller has spent the last two years in the state legislature with his fellow Tea Party Republicans. Their only major accomplishment was the longest government shutdown in history.

Instead of bills to create jobs and boost our economy, Jeremy and his fellow Tea Party Republicans have wasted time on frivolous and unnecessary constitutional amendments.

Instead of supporting our schools, Jeremy has voted with his fellow Tea Party Republicans to gut school funding for our children while giving tax breaks to wealthy friends.

Are you unhappy about your property taxes going up? You can thank Jeremy for that one, too.

Jeremy's recent bizarre claim that Minnesota's economy is now "in the black" sadly shows us how out of touch he is with the state of our economy.

Minnesotans deserve better! We need a state senator who looks out for the needs of ALL Minnesotans, not just the wealthy. Jack Krage believes that the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes to support our state like everyone else.

Vote for Jack Krage in November because we need a State Senator who's in touch with the needs of ALL Minnesotans. Jack cares about Minnesota's future and the legacy we will leave our children. You can trust that "Jack's Got Our Backs"!

Kathy Doran