Thank you (to the Herald) for your coverage of this important matter (frac sand).

I take issue, however, with your statement (in the article "Frac sand mining setbacks spark debate" on May 15) that banning industrial scale frac sand mining is a "more radical approach."

Radical? I think not. In this, I am reminded of comments my mother used to make. She spoke to the degradation of language and the warping of political perceptions.

She said something like, "Well, I guess you could call me a conservative. I believe we should 'conserve' - conserve our water, land, bluffs and streams; conserve our traditions, beliefs and way of life. That is what it means to be a real conservative - conserve - CONSERVative"!

The radicals are the ones that want to remove bluffs from our landscape, never to return.

David Schultz