In response to the letter to the editor in the Spring Grove Herald of April 17, the writer mentions a "solution for the swimming pool" would be to "cement it in"?!

Hey, this would be a "SOLID" way of getting some tax relief for the residents of Spring Grove.

The writer's attitude seems to reflect the old cliché of "PAY YOUR TAXES AND SHUT UP." This kind of gaff proved futile.

For example, the Concerned Citizens of Spring Grove group, which was formed approximately a year and half ago, proved this point when the November elections took place, and a new mayor and council members were elected.

One sometimes just gets sick of being told to sit down and shut up.

Yes, we do enjoy the southern sunshine for a few months each winter while we are able to.

However, before we leave, our real estate taxes are paid in full, and we send a check to the city of Spring Grove each month to pay our utilities and all the extras on that city bill; the same as you do - because, we like Spring Grove and want to see it thrive.

Dick Lilla

Spring Grove