A few days ago, we received a CD from Linda Gjerdrum containing the 1959 Spring Grove High School band concert performed at the Music Educators National Conference in Chicago.

After nearly 54 years, this is the first time that we were in the audience for that concert. We were really good! It gives me goose bumps to listen to the concert!

In the intervening 54 years, we have heard many high school bands in which our kids and grandkids and friends' kids and grandkids have performed. There is just no comparison now with the quality of the Spring Grove bands of the mid to late 1950s in Spring Grove.

The reason for this is simply that of the efforts and quality of the band director, Don Gjerdrum. He was a gifted teacher and a great person. He worked us hard, and his and our efforts paid off in the quality of the concerts that we performed in the five years that we were members of the Spring Grove Concert Band.

Those years bring back wonderful memories of Mr. Gjerdrum and the many events, including parades, in which we performed.

We are sorry that he is no longer with us, to again receive the adulations that I am certain all of us who have received the CD must have after so many years.

We thank Linda for the gift that she has given to those of us in that band. It is a wonderful gesture. Linda, thank you!

Chuck and LaVonne Onstad

Class of 1959

Morris, Minnesota